We are a manufacturer of the highest quality joinery out of wood components.

Our company is located at the edge of the Piska Forest in the Province of Warmia and Mazury.

Our products are manufactured with the highest quality wood from the surrounding forests as well as that imported from exotic countries, using the latest technology.

We combine tradition with modernity.

The windows and doors have an advantage over others because they are:
  • organic, made from natural materials, environmentally friendly,
  • characterized by excellent thermal and acoustic insulation,
  • characterized by high resistance to temperature differences,
  • non-toxic,
  • with no toxic chemicals released during a fire,
  • due to the fact that they are made of glued wood, they have a higher resistance to deformation.
Our projects

We specialize in carpentry intended for the reconstruction of objects that are under the supervision of the conservator, unusual or modern nes requiring special care.

Each project is treated individually, we try to choose windows and doors in order to capture the character of the times in which they originated, their location, and the owner.

Windows and doors in a decisive manner affect the image of the building, giving it style and character.

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