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  1. Cracow City Office, 3/3 Wszystkich Świętych Square in Cracow,
  2. Municipal Kindergarten No. 10 in Olsztyn, 8 Jagiellońska Street,
  3. Polish National Bank, Regional Branch in Cracow, 20 Basztowa Street,
  4. Archaeological Museum in Gdańsk - tenement houses at 8, 9/10, 11 Dziana Street,
  5. Museum of Romanticism in Opinogóra near Ciechanów (formerly the Krasiński Family Little Castle), 9 Krasińskiego Street,
  6. Youth Cultural Centre in Warsaw, 97 Puławska Street,
  7. residential buildings belonging to the Department of Premises and Municipal Buildings in Olsztyn
  8. Museum in Sosnowiec, 12 Chemiczna Street,
  9. West Pomeranian University of Technology - the Department of Technology and Chemical Engineering, Technical University of Szczecin, 10 Pułaskiego Street, Szczecin,
  10. Koszalin City Office, 26 Mickiewicza Street,
  11. District Court in Myslowice, 2 Krakowska Street,
  12. Capital Cultural Education Center in Warsaw, 4 Jezuicka Street,
  13. Ethnographic Museum in Cracow, 1 Wolnica Square,
  14. Garrison Club (Officers' Mess) in Cracow, 1 Zyblikiewicza Street,
  15. Institute of Archaeology and Ethnology of the Polish Academy of Sciences, 105 Solidarności Street,
  16. Municipal Water and Sewage Treatment Plant in Cracow, 1 Senatorska Street,
  17. Otton Lipkowski Training and Education Centre for Poor-Hearing Children no. 15 (former Sapieha Palace) in Warsaw, 6 Zakroczymska Street,
  18. commercial property at 11 Ordynacka Street in Warsaw,
  19. residential buildings belonging to the Department of Real Estate Management in the Central District of the Capital City of Warsaw
  20. Pontifical Academy of Theology - former Sanguszko Palace in Cracow, 1 Franciszkańska Street / 17 Bracka Street,
  21. “Polish Community” Association - former Civic Resurs in Warsaw, 64 Krakowskie Przedmieście Street
  22. Medical University of Bialystok (former Branicki Palace), 1 Jana Kilińskiego Street,
  23. “Under the Clock” tenement house in Warsaw, 20 Chłodna Street,
  24. Gdansk Clinic in Bydgoszcz, 88-90 Gdańska Street,
  25. National Ossoliński Institute "The Old Rectory" in Wroclaw, 17 Nankiera Street,
  26. residential building in Warsaw at 12 Próżna Street,
  27. Primary School No. 3 in Szczytno, 2 M. C. Skłodowskiej Street,
  28. Gym in Gymnasium No. 1 in Szczytno, 2a Barczewskiego Street,
  29. Wroclaw University - Department of Zoology in Wroclaw, 21 Sienkiewicza Street,
  30. The Court of Appeal in Katowice, 117/119 Korfantego Street,
  31. Palace in Drulity near Elblag
  32. Le Regina Hotel in Warsaw, 12 Kościelna Street,
  33. Palace complex in Chrcynno near Nasielsk,
  34. Sucha Palace near Białobrzegi,
  35. Tenament houses in Torgau, Germany
  36. Tenament houses in Wurzen, Germany
  37. Tenament houses in Dahlenberg-Gutshof, Germany
  38. Tenament houses in Borna, Germany
  39. Tenament houses in Ochsensaal, Germany
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